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Mr. Choi In Bloodhound: What Happened To Him? Dead Or Alive? | Explained

Mr. Choi In Bloodhound: Mr. Choi is the main lead in the series. He is a loan shark who helps people by giving them loans at zero interest. However, some people started taking advantage of his habit, and his granddaughter doesn’t like this about him. So, she decides to investigate the case and take matters into her own hands.

Mr. Choi was born into a very humble farming family, and his father died because he had taken some loans from landlords. When he was unable to pay it on time, they killed him ruthlessly. From that point on, Mr. Choi decided to help people without taking any interest from them.

However, Myung-Gil is also a loan shark like him who charges people very high-interest rates and exploits them. Kim Hyeon-joo, who is like a granddaughter to him, jumps into this to expose them. But Mr. Choi knows that she is not safe, so he himself gets pushed into this dirty business.

What happened to him?

One day, unfortunately, Myung-girl gets the address to his house and kills him, stealing all his money and planning to escape to another country with it. After his death, Hyeong-Joo also moves to Rome and starts living there in a rented apartment. So, as of now, Mr. Choi is dead in the series, and if the second season is released, we will not see him in it.


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