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Hyeon-Ju in ‘Bloodhounds’ What Happened To Her | Explained

Hyeon-Ju in ‘Bloodhounds’: Hyeong is a major character in the latest K-drama series. He works for President Choi, helping him collect debts from the people he has lent money. Hyeon Jo is played by South Korean actress Kim Sae-Ron in the series.

What is her past?

As she refers to President Choi as her grandfather, we later come to know that he is not her real grandfather. When she was 7, she was diagnosed with spine cancer, and her father worked really hard to get her treatment.

When she was 10, she got better, but her father passed away. So, she then goes to an orphanage but hates it. She then meets Choi, who is the owner of the place, and after meeting him, her life changes, and she starts living there with him.

What happens to her?

She later teams up with Gun-woo and Woo-jin to stop this loan shark racket. However, the opposing gang manages to track down Mr. Choi and kills him. After that, she is heartbroken and goes to Rome, where Mr. Choi had promised her they would go after taking care of all the villains there. But since he died, she decides to go there alone because living there, she always kept



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