Movie Like A Night At The Kindergarten: A Night at the Kindergarten is a Polish dark comedy-drama film in which the story is set around a young man named Eryk who hates children but one day, for the sake of his girlfriend, has to be a parent for her child. Now, this film is streaming on Netflix.

For those who want to see more films on that theme and enjoy dark comedy, I’ve compiled a list of about 5 films that you should check out and enjoy watching in the New Year.

The Savages

The Savages is a 2007 American black comedy-drama that follows the story of two siblings named Jon and Wendy, where we see that the younger has moved to take care of his elderly father, Kenny. This film emphasizes the importance of family, and it is highly recommended. This film is streaming on HBO Max and is also available to buy or rent on Prime Video.

The Weather For Tomorrow

Weather for Tomorrow is a 2003 dark comedy-drama film that follows the story of a man who left his family to become a monk. As we see, he knows nothing about the outside work that you see in the film. This film is available for streaming on MUBI as well as for purchase on Amazon Prime.

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Taxing Love

Taxing Love is a 2018 romantic comedy-drama film that follows the story of a girl named Klara. We see that she falls in love with him during the events where she is trying to chase down a tax issue. This film is only available to rent on Amazon.

Bad Boy

Bad Boy is a 2020 crime thriller comedy-drama film, whose story tells about the rise and fall of a soccer club and how sports are connected with all the crime and fraud we see in this film. This film is streaming on Netflix.

August Osage County

August: Osage County is a 2013 American tragicomedy drama that is based on the 2007 play of the same name and follows the story of a family crisis that happened at the Oklahoma house where they grew up. We see that the story revolves around family. This film is streaming on Apple TV+.

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I’ve included a list of films that you should see. if you have already watched A Night at the Kindergarten and want to watch more. You can also check out my review. If you’ve already seen one, let me know which one you’re going to watch next in the comments section.


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