“Blur” is the story of a girl named Devi who struggles to see anything, but in this tough time, she finds Nithiya, who promises to take care of her for her whole life. Here Goes the Details about the cast and characters of Episode 2. You can also check our Episode 2 Recap of Modern Love Chennai.

Nithyanandham (Nithya)

In the series, the character Nithya is played by Ashok Selvan. He is the lead character of this episode. He falls in love with Devi, knowing that she has an eyesight problem. He loves her and takes care of her as well. He becomes a dad too. When he asks Devi for one more baby, a conflict starts between them. Because Devi is unable to see properly, he leaves Devi but comes back again and makes everything alright.

At the end of the episode, he asks her to play Veena. A few years later, we see Devi becomes very professional at playing Veena. He is known for movies like “Pizza II” (2013), “Hostel” (2022), “Vezham” (2022).


In this episode, the character Devi is played by TJ Bhanu. She is the lead character. Devi is suffering from retinal degenerative disease, which is incurable. But Nithya proposes to her, and they become a couple. Devi is a polite girl busy taking care of her daughter. She also has problems with her low vision. Gradually, she loses her vision but can play Veena very well despite her blindness.

She became famous for her role in Amazon Prime’s series “The Forgotten Army”. Later, she did movies like “Vaazhi” (2021), “Afwaah” (2023).



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