Modern Love Chennai Episode 3: The Episode 3 of the Modern Love Chennai is Titled “Love is a Heart-eyed Emoji”. It tells the story of Mallika, who always seeks romantic love but ends up badly, but soon she marries someone who is a perfect match. Here we are going to tell you about the cast, Characters, and some more details about episode 3.


In this episode, the character Mallika is played by Ritu Varma. She loves romantic movies and wants a romantic life too. One of her biggest fantasies is dancing in the rain with a guy. Unfortunately, she is unsuccessful in any relationships. Later, she has an arranged marriage and finds a perfect partner.

Ritu Verma has done many movies, some of which are “Pelli Choopulu” (2016), “Tuck Jagadish” (2021), etc.


At the very end of this episode, we see him. In his episode, the character’s Husband is played by Vaibhav Reddy. He is a quiet guy, married to Mallika. When Mallika wants to dance in the rain, he goes along and takes her into it. Lastly, we come to know that he also wants a romantic life.

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