Modern Love Chennai Episode 6: “Modern Love Chennai” is an Indian adaptation of the famous American anthology series “Modern Love.” “Modern Love Chennai” is a six-episode anthology series that defines love stories around the city of Chennai.

“Memory is but a bird” is a modern-day relationship story of Sam and K that takes a wrong turn when K faces a horrible accident and loses his memories. Here Goes The Episode 6 Recap and ending Explanation.

Sam and K slept together at night, but afterward, he left. Sam keeps some of K’s things for the sake of memories. Later, we see Sam with a psychiatrist because she is facing emotional trauma. The psychiatrist explains to Sam to let go of all the memories that remind her of him. She also prescribes medication to help her overcome the confusion. Sam tries to avoid everything that reminds her of K.

After some time, K’s sister visits Sam’s house and informs her that K had an accident and is now in a coma for surgery. The main issue is that K is losing his memories. He remembers their relationship but forgets how everything fell apart.

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They had a bad breakup, and Sam asked him to stay, but K left her. The doctor believes that if Sam helps him, he will regain his memories. When Sam agrees to help K, the doctor wants her to share any good memories they had. Sam remembers when they first started their relationship and when they met a lady who predicted that their relationship would not last long. Sam believed that lady, and it affected her badly. But later, they started living together and created sweet memories. However, Sam always had thoughts about the lady who predicted their breakup, and it would often bother her.

Later, Sam visits K in the hospital and shares some good memories with him. However, she is still unable to overcome the trauma of their breakup. As she shares the memories with K, she hugs him and leaves the hospital with teary eyes. Sam and K first met on a film set, where K expressed his desire to become a filmmaker.

Later, he portrayed a story about two lovers who go their separate ways, and the girl, brokenhearted, seeks help from a psychiatrist. The heroine then leaves the hospital with teary eyes, and they plan to meet again at their favorite spot. In the present, they reach a place where they first went for a drink. K asks about the reason for their breakup, but Sam is not interested in telling him. Instead, Sam says she wants to help him regain his memories.

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After this, while Sam and K are on their way back home, Sam receives a call from her psychiatrist, who informs her that she missed the appointment. The psychiatrist becomes worried when she learns that Sam wants to meet with K, and she advises Sam that it’s a serious problem. When they arrive home, K confesses that he doesn’t trust his memories but he believes in Sam and loves her. Sam asks him why she should be with him, and K replies that after the horrible accident, the only person he remembers is Sam.

This deeply moves Sam, and she stops herself, opens the door, and hugs K. And this becomes their “happily ever after” moment. At the end of this episode, when Sam closes the door, “A Film By K” appears, leaving viewers to decide if it’s a true story or not.

Starting off a bit boring and ending with happiness once again, this episode perfectly portrays a modern-day relationship. The complicated screenplay will hook you until the end, and the entire episode has a dark tone. Wamiqa Gabbi is amazing, and this episode is a must-watch, although it’s a little bit lengthy.



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