Modern Love Chennai Episode 4: “Modern Love Chennai” is an Indian adaptation of the famous American anthology series “Modern Love.” “Modern Love Chennai” is a six-episode anthology series that defines love stories set in the city of Chennai.

“December” is a story of a young girl falling in love with a boy who brings back her happiness. You have also covered Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3 Recap of Amazon Prime Video’s original show ‘Modern Love Chennai.’

This episode starts with Jazmine. Her parents are getting a divorce. She is deeply affected by this as she stays with her father because her mother doesn’t want her to live with her. Her father realizes this and also notices Jazmine’s silence. The church father suggests admitting Jazmine into the church chorus. She always tries to keep herself busy and listens to music. In the chorus, she meets a boy named Milton.

He came here to live with his parents. Jazmine starts developing feelings for Milton. Every day she dresses well and goes to church in the hope of getting an opportunity to talk to Milton.

She always stalks him but is unable to express her feelings. She wants to love like any other person. One day, to her surprise, she finds Milton in her house practicing the piano with her father. They both stare at each other and it seems like they are starting to like each other. For Milton, Jazmine notices a smile on her face.

One day he takes her out and tells her about the separation of her parents and later takes her to her grandmother’s house. Jazmine finds a piano in that house and starts playing it.

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Milton gives her his dad’s collection and they both enjoy the music. Soon, they start dating each other, sitting alone in the church, and later Jazmine finds someone and starts enjoying her life. Milton proposes to her and tells her that he will soon leave for Delhi. From basketball to the piano and their music taste, everything attracts Milton to Jazmine. But, he mostly admires her smile, which finally returns after a long time. The episode ends after they both kiss.

The soothing music and love story of Jazmine makes this episode better than others. You will feel every moment and enjoy it with her too. Slowly and gradually, she falls in love and forgets all the sorrows in her life. The acting is good, and the cinematography of this episode is quite impressive too.



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