Modern Love Chennai Episode 3: “Modern Love Chennai” is an Indian adaptation of the famous American anthology series “Modern Love.” “Modern Love Chennai” is a six-episode anthology series that defines love stories around the city of Chennai.

“Love is a Heart-eyed Emoji,” tells the story of Mallika, who always seeks romantic love but ends up disappointed. However, she eventually marries someone who is a perfect match. You are covering the Episode wise recap for the show and you can also check the Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap of Modern Love Chennai

The story starts with Mallika in 12th grade. She loves rain and is also highly interested in films and music. She enjoys watching movies with her sister every Sunday. She has a huge crush on a boy in her class named John. One day, John tells her that he is leaving for Delhi due to his father’s job transfer. After finishing school, Mallika joins a college in the Mechanical Engineering Department.

There, she falls in love with a guy named KK, and they start dating. One day, while returning from a shopping mall, she finds KK with another girl. To overcome the trauma, she starts watching romantic films from her collection. After spending a month in her room, she comes out, loses weight, and moves on. She gets a job and falls in love with her colleague Anbu. When she agrees to take the relationship to the next level, she discovers that Anbu is a casteist.

It takes time for her to move on and she parties with friends. Later, her friends suggest she try dating apps to find the perfect match. After trying a lot, she finally finds a boy who turns out to be her relative’s brother. Despite her efforts, she always faces failure. Later, she asks a filmmaker about love and romance. He tells her that cinema is not the truth and mentions that “Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world.”

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The truth angers her, and she leaves that place. With her sister already married, she struggles to find perfect love. In the end, she marries someone chosen by her parents. On their wedding night, as it starts raining, she enjoys dancing in the rain and asks her husband to join.

It was her romantic fantasy, but she finds out that her husband also loves dancing in the rain. Her husband turns out to be a romantic guy who enjoys dancing in the rain, and soon, music starts playing, and their dance ends with a romantic night. The man turns out to be a hopeless romantic who finally finds the most romantic relationship in his life. This is how this episode ends.

It’s a story about a perfect match, though a bit slow-paced. It finishes with a happy ending. The acting was the best thing about this episode. It shows how love will find you automatically. When Mallika gives up, that’s exactly the moment she finds her true love.


Ritu Varma: Mallika, Vaibhav Reddy: Husband



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