Mission Majnu Real Name: Newly released Netflix original film ‘Mission Majnu’ is creating lots of questions in the users mind, Just when the film starts, there is disclaimer that film is based on the real life incidents, Now many of you were asking about the real name of Mission Majnu and here we are going to tell you the same.

First let me Clear that Mission Majnu is not the name of the Character of the film, but it is the name of the ‘Mission’ that was assigned to Amandeep Singh Played by Sidharth, The original name of the Mission was ‘Mission Kahuta.’

Now coming to the real name of the character of the film, Sidharth is Playing the role of Tarqi aka Amandeep Ajeetpaln Singh, The movie is inspired from the real events, but the name of the Spy agents in the film are not their real name, as these informations are very sensitive, there is no record of any Spy named Amandeep singh in India Spy Records.



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