Jung_E Ending Explained: The story of Netflix’s latest sci-fi action thriller film, JungE aka Jung E, written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho, is set in the year 2194, where we see that due to climate change, the earth is not the safest place to live, and some people are forced to live on earth.

I’m going to write everything that happened in the film’s ending in this article, which will provide all the answers you’re looking for; however, this article contains spoilers, so you should watch the film first, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

In this film, we see that on the simulation test, a new area on Jung_E’s brain is activated, which feels real, and this shows that they are now at the end of their success on their project. However, this project came to an end when the Adrian Republic and the Allied Forces reached an agreement to end the war.

The scene shifts to reveal that the chairman has ordered Seo-Hyun to shut down the AI program, but she believes it is her fault that her mother is now in the form of AI, so she awakens the latest prototype model and connects with Jung-E’s brain memories, and in order to save her, she deletes the simulation parts and connects with the truth about this situation.

She also delayed the memories, which tells us that she is Seo-Hyun’s mother because it affects her progress; we see that she deleted the data and helped her escape from the Kronoid’s lab, but the director tried to stop them during the escape.

After that, a battle between Jung_E and the AI teams of the director along with him will happen, but during that, the director shoots Seo-Hyun, and then Jung_E kills the director, where she tells Jung_E not to worry about her as her death is near due to her cancer. Jung_E then leaves, and we see that Jung_E is free, and the film ends.

This is the proper ending explanation for this film; I hope you find all the details for which you are looking. Besides that, let me know in the comment box how much you like this film.



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