Missing Movie Summary & Ending Explained:: Missing is an American screen life crime thriller mystery drama film that is written and directed by Nick Johnson and Will Merrick. This film serves as the prequel to the 2018 popular similar type film named Searching and follows the story of a teenager named June who tries to find her missing mother named Allen who gets missing on the vacation in Colombia, among other details we see in this film.

Whereas in this article, I am trying to break down the ending explanation of the film, where I will try to explain the question and more details that we see in this article. This film is quite interesting, as are the details that we see in this article.

Recap & Summary

This film’s story follows a teenager named June, where we see in the past video that her father died due to cancer when she was small, and now she lives with her mother, where she misses her father too much. where we see that her mother is now moving on with her new life after her father’s death and where we find that she is now dating a man named Kevin who is trying to win June’s approval.

After that, we find out that her mother is going to Columbia for a vacation with him, where we see that Grace is trying to protect her daughter, and we see later that she is trying to be more protective, where she is trying to be an adult, and we also see that while she is on vacation, she transfers some money for an emergency, where we also see that Grace’s attorney, named Heather, should always come to check on her.

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The scene shifts and we find that she had to pick up her mother at the airport, where she finds that they hadn’t arrived, and then they reach the FBI, where we see that she meets with an agent named Daniel, but everything goes slowly, but she tries her best to find out the details of her life at the restaurant, and more details we see about her so that she can be able to find her.

Later, we see that June hires a local handyman who charges $8 per hour and is ready to help her with the work, where she believes Kevin is behind all of her mother’s disappearances, and we see that the FBI finds a video where twist reveals that the woman is not Grace but someone else whose name later identifies her as Rachel, and then, June tries to find her with Heather but she died.

Ending Explained

After that, so many people became suspects in the murder, where we find that all the missing information about her mother was done by her father, which is the biggest twist in the film, where we find that he is a drug dealer and that to get rid of him she left and arrested him for selling drugs, where she talks to June with her, and to take revenge, he kidnaps her, and again, he finds that June knows something.

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In the end, we see that James kidnaps his daughter also, and the places, where he kidnaps her, are their old house where they celebrate vacation time, where at the last we see that James puts Grace along with their daughter in a room where James tries to take June but is stopped by Grace, where he shoots her, and then she smashes him with a glass, where he ends in death, and the scene shifts to where she is now happy with the mother, and the film ends.

This is all about the ending explanation of the film along with the recap, which will try your every doubt, whereas at last, we see that everything is sorted and this film is now streaming on digital, so let me know in the comment box how much you like this film.

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