True Lies Episode 1 Recap/Summary: True Lies Season 1 Episode 1 is now available to stream on CBS and Paramount+ in the English Language, In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie so let’s get started.

The story starts with harry calling his wife to tell her that her computer consultant meeting gets extended by one day so he has to stay one more day in Cleveland. But there is a plot twist, Harry and his team are going on a mission and we came to know that Harry is not a normal boring salesman but a skilled international Spy, so they successfully completed their mission.

Meanwhile, back there Helen tells her friend that his husband is boring, her friend tells her that maybe he is cheating on her so she tells her to keep an eye on him, Later Harry announces that he is going to Paris, but he has surprised that Helen is also coming with her, so he showed him the plane ticket and thought that he will complete his work in between their romantic holiday.

As soon as they flew to Paris, they are sitting in a restaurant and Harry sees a man walking with a gun in his hands, and after a fight, they got caught by a gang And were both tied together and they started interrogating them and asking Harry about his work and about his real identity and what is their next move and what are they going to do. Helen does not know about this anything she also started pretending as Harry’s superior during their interrogation.

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Finally, then Harry tells her that he is not a salesman, but an international spy who is here for a mission not for a romantic date, Helen was so surprised to listen to that but later they were able to escape from there by helicopter.

At the end of the episode Harry’s boss Trilby, takes Helen to meet their whole team, and he was also given a position in the team as a secrete agent and will have to do training, for her new job as an Omega Sector operative, and as a cover, she was offered a job at the university and the episode ends.

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So this is the recap/summary of episode 1 of the series, We will know about their mission in the upcoming episodes and if you are also following this series you can tell us your favorite moment from the episode in the comment section below. For more such content stay tuned with us.



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