Faraway Movie Summary & Ending Explained: Faraway movie is now available to stream on Netflix in German, Hindi, and English language with English Subtitles. in this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie so let’s get started.

Reacp & Summary

Zeynep is a working mother and wife, and it’s the day for her mother’s funeral but she is busy with her own family matters as her daughter Fia is being rude to her mother, and her husband does not seem to care about what his wife is doing, however, he told her that he will be available for the speech in the funeral, later Zeynep sees her husband laughing while taking a call, which makes her sad as she saw her husband laughing like this from years now.

At the funeral she came to know that her mother has purchased a house for her in Croatia, which she had left for her, the house for everyone came as a surprise as no one knows about the house even her own father.

Ilyas doesn’t show up at the funeral for the speech, after the ceremony Zeynep goes to his restaurant where she finds him laughing and enjoying himself with a junior chef, when he sees her he said that his watch stopped and he forget to keep track of time, Zeynep now knows that her husband doesn’t like her anymore and she decides to go to Croatia.

But when she wakes up in the morning she found a guy Josip, who claims that he has been living here since childhood and 15 years back when her mother purchased this house she allowed him to live here rent free, Zeynep is not happy with her mother’s arrangement and decides to sell this house, by doing some changes and renovating it but Josip does not agree with her.

Anyways Zeynep sets a meeting with a dealer Conrad, whom Josip dislikes because he is much younger than Josip. That night Zeynep is extremely drunk and Josip takes care of him, they talked about various things later and she started getting comfortable with him, as Josip tells him that his wife left him due to his brother, but later both died in an accident.

The next day Conrad comes with an offer but Josip didn’t tell Zeynep later when she came to know that he came with an offer she becomes very angry with Josip, she then calls her husband so that they can sell this house and can develop their restaurant so that they can spend time together, but her husband told her that he has feelings for the junior chef, which really broke her heart and she turns off her location, Josip throws her phone and she jumped in the ocean to retrieve her phone but failed and returned to the house.

She is in depression for days and Josip takes care of her by giving her food and other things, finally, she came out and decides to celebrate her freedom after her marriage breaks, that night Zeynep, Josip, and Conrad celebrate her freedom and later Josip confesses that he has feelings for her, and he also gives her a copy of her grandmother’s letter.

The Ending

The next day she reaches the tallest mountain on the island and while returning he meets with Josip driving in a car with his brother Drazen yes he is alive, as he lied about his death to her, however, she confesses her feelings to him and they both kissed each other.

The next morning Fia came to visit her mother and sees her mother having breakfast undressed, as they talked and she is sorry about her behavior, next day Ilyas and Zeynep’s father have come to the island to visit her and they all started arguing, and Zeynep told them to make dinner as she and Fia go for shopping.

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Later at the dinner, Ilyas told Zeynep that he wanted to start their relationship from a new beginning but Zeynep doesn’t want to, as Ilyas and her father leaves she goes to meet Josip and they kissed under the stars and the movie ends.



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