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Mariana (Aitana) going to Die in Holy Family? | Netflix

Holy Family is another addition to the plethora of crime drama series that works on top of the feelings of grief and the inability to accept reality. It is the story of a mother Julia whose son Santi & his wife Natalia are not able to have a child because of Natalia’s life-threatening condition for which Julia offers to be a surrogate mother to Santi’s child who is named Nico but after the sudden death of Santi, Natalia decides to move to Argentina with her son Nico. After hearing that, Julia abducts Nico and runs away to Madrid with her daughter Mariana & son Eduardo.

The 4 of them start their life in Madrid after assuming fake identities but Julia’s plan to be with Nico after just losing her son is something more of an obsession that Mariana & Eduardo realize. When Natalia arrives in Madrid looking for Nico, Mariana realizes her mother’s obsession with Nico and that her inability to deal with grief had her abduct the baby of a woman who just lost her husband.

She understands that it’s unfair to Natalia and decides to help her in getting Nico back. Upon seeing this, infuriated Julia stabs her own daughter and takes the baby from her. However, knowing that its her own daughter, Julia didn’t stab her with a motive to kill her but to get an opening to make her vulnerable so she can have Nico and Mariana wouldn’t bother her much.

Towards the end, we see Mariana struggling because after a stab wound, she isn’t being taken straight to the Hospital but she’s being driven by Eduardo which can worsen her condition in a bad way and we might end up seeing her dead.

Eduardo comes to his senses later and is expected to make a stop at a hospital if Mariana gets immediate attention, she may yet live but we won’t see her with her mother Julia anytime soon. I mean, why would she be with a mother who stabbed her?



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