Roger Kaplan Real Life: The Watcher has started a long discussion about who supposedly can be the culprit who is sending those dark and intense letters to the Brannock Family and there are quite some theories about it. Not only that, the show is loosely based on the real-life story that happened to the Broaddus Family and that makes this quite interesting for True-Crime lovers.

One of the characters that have been getting a lot of suspicions is Roger Kaplan, the English Teacher and architecture enthusiast who had sent dark letters to another house. What piques our interest is knowing that the character of Roger Kaplan is based on a real-life character.

Well, the answer is loosely based on YES!

The series has been based on Reeves Wiedeman’s 2018 report in New York Magazine The Cut for which the author wrote an update in 2022 about the supposedly heard theories about The Watcher, including one of the English Teacher and author Robert Kaplow, the writer of the book “Me And Orson Welles”.

There are quite some similarities between Roger Kaplan & Robert Kaplow, both of them are former Rutgers students. Robert taught English two towns away from Westfield. Kaplow also told his students that he wrote multiple letters to a house in Westfield but claimed that 657 Boulevard was not that house. He also told the author Wiedeman that he spoke to the owner of the actual house and got a chance to house-sit once as well.

Kaplow also has a Wikipedia page where some users posted evidence against him making him the Watcher which was taken down as defamatory but it was posted again later which kept continuing for a while and as of now, there’s no official evidence against Kaplow.



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