Manoj Kumar Sharma IPS Real Image, Story: 12th Fail is the latest Hindi film, which showcases the struggle of Vikrant Massey’s character, Manoj Kumar Sharma, a 12th-grade student who aims to clear the UPSC and become a DIG. The movie is receiving rave reviews from audiences and critics due to its grounded story.

Many of you might not know that Vikrant Massey played the real-life IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma in the film. We also see Shraddha Joshi, who is the wife of Manoj Sharma in the film. Actress Medha Shankar played the role of Shradha Joshi in the film. If you watched the movie and want to know more about Manoj Sharma and Shraddha Joshi, then this is for you.

Is 12th Fail a Biography of Manoj Kumar Sharma?

No, the 12th fail movie isn’t a biography of IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma, but it uses his story to depict the lives of millions of students in India. Even Manoj said that it’s not his story and asked the director, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, to present it as the story of students who want to become something, who want to achieve something. The film not only about Vikrant Massey’s character Manoj but also on his friends and colleagues who dream of becoming something.

But the film is heavily dramatized with real-life events, which every film does to tell a story.

Manoj Kumar Sharma’s Real-Life Story

Just like in the movie, Manoj was from Chambal, Morena, Madhya Pradesh. Manoj wasn’t very good at studies, but he always loved to read novels and pulp fiction. Even in the movie, he quotes some speeches of famous people. Everyone in his city wants to pass the 12th grade as it can lead to a very good job, but Manoj wasn’t good in studies. He then admitted to a school where you could cheat in the exam. But his dream failed after DSP Dushyant Singh raided their school and stopped the cheating. Manoj impressed him with his commentary in a cricket tournament; afterward, Dushyant Singh became a big brother to Manoj.

As he failed the 12th exam, he and his brother started a rickshaw service. It was very successful at the beginning, but bus owners didn’t like it, as it was affecting their business. They had some fights, and the police took the rickshaw. In addition, he went to Dushyant Singh to free his rickshaw but got inspired by his honesty. He just asked him how he could become like him.

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From that day, Manoj Kumar Sharma started his journey of becoming an IPS officer. He worked in many places before going to Delhi for UPSC preparations. He worked in the library, in an Atta Chaki, and many more jobs for money while also studying.

Manoj Kumar Sharma IPS Current Posting

Manoj Kumar Sharma is Posted as Airport Securit Office Incharge at Mumbai Airport.

Manoj Kumar Sharma IPS Rank


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