Shraddha Joshi Real life, Image: The 12th Fail movie is making a buzz all over India. The film is receiving love from everyone and it looks like the film will be a super hit at the box office. The best thing about the film is its story. The story is inspired by the real-life couple Manoj Sharma and Shraddha Joshi. We have already talked about Manoj Sharma and here we are going to tell you about his wife.

Shraddha Joshi came from a different family than Manoj. Shradha is actually from Chhattisgarh, but in the 2000s, the state was part of Uttar Pradesh. She passed the 12th Exam and ranked 13th in the whole state. She was on the merit list of the top students who passed the 12th Board of UP.

Shradha originally wanted to be in the medical industry, but her thoughts changed after seeing a burned patient in the hospital who was killed by her husband’s family. They hid it by saying it was an accident, but Shradha and her friend knew it was fake, and they did it knowingly. They decided to take the UPSC exam and change the system. Shradha went to Delhi, where she met Manoj Kumar Sharma.

Manoj started liking Shradha and even confronted her, but she wasn’t interested in it as she was there to study. But they still continued as friends. Shradha helped Manoj a lot. She gave him notes, question patterns, theories, what to write, and many more.

What Happened to Manoj Kumar Sharma and Shraddha Joshi?

Manoj passed the UPSC exam. The first thing he did was talk to Shradha’s parents about marriage, which he succeeded in. He then went to Hyderabad for IPS training, and Shradha stayed in Chhattisgarh for UPSC preparations. Manoj trained all day, and at night he always called Shradha to help her solve her questions.

Eventually, Shradha also cleared the UPSC and worked in various departments. She was in the Women’s Welfare Department, where she started giving training to people on how to investigate a case of violence against women. She shared her experience about the incident.

Do Manoj and Shradha have any children?

Yes, the UPSC couple has two children.

Where are Manoj and Shradha now?

Manoj Sharma is now working at Mumbai Airport as the security head, while Shradha is working in the Tourism department of Maharashtra.

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