Hailey IN ‘Rabbit Hole’: Hailey plays a crucial role in the series she meets with john in the bar and spent a night with her but we came to know that she is following him and keeping an eye on him what is the reason behind this and for whom she is working for, what will happen next to know this you can watch the show on Paramount+.

As many of you were asking about it, Here, In this article, I am going to tell you the real name of the actress who played the role of Hailey in the series.

Who Played Hailey in ‘Rabbit Hole’?

American actress Meta Golding played the role of Hailey in the latest mystery action series, She is making Headlines For her Peformances, You can check more of her works, We list them below.

Who Is Meta Golding?

She is an American actress who was also raised in India she wants to become a professional skater but an injury ended her career she then came to the acting field some of her works are Daybreak (2006-2007) The Carrier (2012) Hunger Games (2013).

In 2023 you can see her in the latest Paramount+ mystery action Series Rabbit Hole, she is too good in the show and it is almost pretty sure that she is going to get some big name and fame after the show.



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