Maboroshi (2024) Review | Netflix

Maboroshi Movie (2024) Review | Netflix

Maboroshi (2024) Review: Maboroshi is a recently streamed fantasy romantic Japanese anime film that is now available on Netflix. This film is accessible in multiple languages. When the trailer of this movie was released, it was loved by everyone so much; that they found something new and unique on Netflix. We have just completed this movie on Netflix, already posted a recap of the full movie, and also explained the ending. Now we’re going to give you a review so that you can ultimately decide whether to watch this film on Netflix or not.

The animation was done very well; it was looking fantastic. Every frame of the movie was beautifully executed. Behind so much animation, this is the same studio that created the animation of Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen.

The movie begins with a horrifying incident in which a steel factory is set up on fire, and the world is coming to an end. The story was written very well, but the first hour of the movie will bore you. If you love anime films, then you can easily understand the tone of the movie. The message given by the movie was beautifully crafted. But there are some loopholes in the writing. There is one twist in between which will make you shocked.

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Maboroshi revolves around the life of Masamune and Mutsumi and one girl who came from the other side of reality, Itsumi. The whole movie revolves around these 3 characters. The character of Masamune is very sharp, smart, and brilliant. Masamune and Mutsumi love each other.

Masamune was researching the Sacred machine and sacred wolves. If sacred wolves don’t get out of the town, then the world will come to an end. Masamune tried his level best for the town, but on the other side, Mutsumi’s father, Mr. Sagami, wanted that sacred machine should be there in the town. As shown in the trailer also, because of sacred wolves, cracks are appearing on Earth, which is very dangerous for normal humans.

To know what happened next, check out this film on Netflix.

One sudden night, many people of the town died in that accident of the steel factory. Among them was Akinume; he was the father of Masamune. We can’t tell you much about him; otherwise, it will become a spoiler for you. We do recommend you to watch this movie on Netflix.

This movie doesn’t offer something new, but you will love the beautiful animations for sure.

Final Ratings – 2.5/5

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