The Unwanted Undead Adventurer Episode 1 Recap, Summary and Explained: “Nozomanu Fushi no Boukensha” is currently streaming with only one episode. It is a Japanese fantasy adventure anime series known as “The Unwanted Undead Adventurer.” We have already posted an episode 2 update for fans; do check it out. We are going to post episode-wise recaps for this anime show.

Episode 1 starts with a big dinosaur creature. The lead guy was getting scared of that monster. He said he needs to become a Mithril Adventurer. After that, a skull-faced guy came, and he was shocked to see himself. He wasn’t able to believe that his face looks like that. The adventure starts now, and the leading character starts telling about himself.

He was Rentt Faina, a lower bronze adventurer, born in a village that doesn’t appear on maps. Rentt goes to a place where many adventurers came for a party.He is still a lower bronze-level adventurer even after 10 years. He goes inside a cave and finds a hidden package. He was getting excited, thinking he found a fortune.

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But he faced a dragon face to face. He saw a dragon for the first time, and then the starting of the show appears where he turned into a skeleton. He thought he should return to his town now. He’s an adventurer; he needs to stay calm in this situation.

He was exploring that place, thinking about the Labyrinth of the New Moon where remaining adventurers go for loot. Rentt was the solo adventurer who goes there. He finds one more skeleton in that cave, so weak that he wasn’t able to lift a sword. The skeleton who came from the other side wasn’t able to stand perfectly.

He lifted the sword and killed the other skeleton, and he got more powerful. After that, we can see a girl explaining about skeletons. She was telling that evolution is known as Existential Evolution. Rentt remembered those things, and he decided he needs to achieve Existential Evolution.

He was still roaming here and there in that cave. Suddenly he found slime in that cave and a magic crystal inside it. Everyone was searching for Rentt outside. Rentt was still inside the cave, hungry, trying to search for food, but in his skeleton avatar, he wasn’t able to eat. He got some more powers also. He was still trying to achieve more Existential Evolution.

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He was comparing himself to other high-level adventurers; he wasn’t as strong as them. He decided he has to become a Mithril Level Adventurer, which is a very powerful level. He was getting stronger in his skeleton avatar.

He got more evolved after fighting with one more slime. He was getting more excited and excited. Now he can talk with his newly evolved avatar, and the episode 1 ends.


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