What Happens To ‘Lyle’ In The ‘Boy Swallows Universe’?: Netflix’s latest coming to age crime thriller drama series named Boy Swallows univers is now streaming where as this show is based on the popular novel by Dalton and the plot of this show is completely based on that where we see that this show follows around a 12 years old boy named Eli and the story deals with his problem and his family which we see in this show.

In this articles, I am going to tell everything about Lyle and what happened to him in the last of this show and try to cover all the details about him in depth.

In this show, we see that Lyle is in love with Eli’s mother Frankie where he also takes good care of her children where we find that due to him she also started selling drugs with him and we find that in early times she is also addicted to drugs and his only plans is to sell the drug without the help of anyone.

But for better income, Lyle started dealing drugs in large amounts where begin to make happy his family and give whatever they want where he does everything for Frankie but he finds that Eli always says that he is not good enough for his mother and she can able to get the better one as he wants best for his mother.

After that, for better income, Lyle tries something different and comes across the Bich Dang’s drugs, after which he is able to earn more money than previously something happens and the matter is found by the owner of the drugs Carter named Tytus Broz and he is not happy with Lyle where he kidnap Lyle and firstly he cut his legs and send rest of his body for business and due to that issue Lyle is dead in the last of episode 6.

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This is all the details about Lyle where i covering all the details and what happened at the last of this character and more which will clear your doubt let me know in the comment box how much you like this show.



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