Lucy has a short but important role in the movie. She plays the daughter of Sarah, who finds herself in a dangerous situation after discovering that the woman her father is having an affair with has been killed.

Now, the woman’s vengeful husband is after Lucy’s family and wants to kill her mother. Lucy sets out to save her mother, but will she succeed? To find out, you’ll have to watch the full movie. Now, let’s reveal the name of the actress playing the role of Lucy in the latest movie.

Canadian actress and singer Camille Blott portrays Lucy in this crime thriller. She entered the field at a young age, starting her career as a singer and later working in theater plays. While focusing primarily on her music career, she has also ventured into movies.

Some of her works include “Lonely” (2021) and “Saturday in the Park” (2022). In 2023, you can see her in the latest Lifetime movie, “My Husband’s Worst Mistake.”


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