Kent In ‘My Husband’s Worst Mistake’: Kent plays a lead role in the latest Lifetime movie. He is having an affair with his colleague, Emy, but when Emy’s husband discovers their affair, they engage in an intense fight that results in Emy’s death from a fall down the stairs.

After hearing this news, Kent becomes very frightened, as he worries that the police will suspect him. To find out what happens next, you’ll need to watch the full movie. Now, let’s reveal the real name of the actor who played the role of Kent in the latest movie.

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Canadian actor, writer, and producer Matt Wells portrays Kent in this crime thriller. He is widely known for his award-winning movie “Crown and Anchor,” which he created, produced, and acted in. Matt Wells is also a singer with four albums and ten self-produced music videos.

Some of his other notable works include “SkyMed,” “DiggsTown,” and a guest appearance in the popular comedy series “Schitt’s Creek.” In 2023, you can see him in the latest Lifetime production.



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