Episode 1 ended with the starting point of the affair. Will it continue or will it stop? As we are covering the episode-wise recaps, here is the recap of episode 2. We have also covered the episode 1 Recap of the show.

It started with Candy under the shower, enjoying her affair. Things changed, and Candy and Allan both enjoyed their life with a happy smiles. Pastor Ron Addams replaced Jackie as a minister. Betty isn’t happy for Ron Addams as a minister. After the pregnancy, Betty got terrible postpartum depression after Alisa was born.

For the second time, Candy invited Allan to a Como Motel near the previous one. Allan always feels regret about what he was doing because he thinks Betty is really a good wife. But in episode 1, Allan mentioned that she was once in an affair. When Allan got a six-week business trip, Betty went to pieces. They lived near the state college, and one night Betty went home with one of her students. Later, Betty confessed to the affair.

Again, Candy shared all the details with Sherry. Sherry told her to be safe. After their third meeting, Candy and Allan enjoyed the roller coaster and merry-go-round. Together they enjoyed it a lot. They discussed the church, and Betty hates the new pastor, Ron. But later, Candy said to Allan that she is afraid to go deep because she might fall in love with him. During the meeting with the pastor, Betty complained about Ron. Allen said she is getting stressed due to her pregnancy.

Betty and Allan welcomed their new beautiful girl, Bethany, but he still continued his affair. Allan was so happy for his new child, but it looks like Candy was feeling jealous. On the other side, Allan wasn’t interested in any intimacy with Betty. After Bethany was born, they didn’t do anything. Things were getting a bit complicated when Allan said he was hurting Betty and he wanted to end the affair. He also thinks about Pat, and that he is hurting him also. He wanted to take a little break.

In September 1979, Allan called Candy again, saying he missed their lunch, and they met again. Allan said Betty was going to a marriage counselor, and Candy was afraid things would get messed up. Allan said everything would be okay, and he started going to the marriage counselor with Betty. Later, when Allan stopped their affair, everything between Betty and him became good.

When they were in the marriage counselor, Candy was babysitting their children. When they returned, Betty said things were better now. This made Candy even more jealous.

Jealousy proved that Candy is now emotionally attached to Allan. On the other side, Allan’s life is on the right track again, and he is happy with his wife. Candy feels much hate inside. Let’s see what happens in the next episode.



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