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Love & Death Episode 1: Recap & Ending Explained | Real Vs Reel Story

Love & Death Episode 1: HBO Max presents the limited series “Love & Death,” which is currently streaming on the platform with three episodes. However, the remaining three will be streaming weekly. We are going to cover episode-wise recaps.

Before starting episode-wise recaps, let’s have a short overview of the story. Based on a true story, this is an affair story of a married woman who also murdered her boyfriend’s wife in 1980. This series is also based on Jim Atkinson and Joe Bob Briggs’ book “Evidence of Love.”

Let’s start the recap;

Wylie, Texas, 13th Friday, June 1980. A murder happened in a house. What is the story, and who is behind it?

Now, let’s go back to two years earlier, in September 1978. Three couples were doing the chorus in a church. After that, Pat Montgomery and his wife, Candy Montgomery, Lilly Rabe & Jesse Plemons, and some other couples attended lunch and were gossiping with each other. Jesse asked everyone to join the volleyball team to win the Church volleyball league. After lunch, Allan and Betty were busy with an intimate scene.

On the other side, Candy was playing piano with her daughter. Candy’s life was beautiful. But later, we saw a sarcastic smile on her face after hearing that Minister Jackie and Bill were going to divorce. At the time of the volleyball match, Betty and Pat were talking and enjoying the match. But there was something that happened between Candy and Allan when Candy fell while playing basketball.

After the match, Candy informed Sherry that “Allan smelled like sex.” By sensing each other, the story of the extramarital affair started. Candy became obsessed with Allan. One day, after the church chorus, Candy told Allan how she was attracted to him. Later, Allan also started thinking about her. Candy gave a proposal to Allan for an affair. One day, after a basketball match, they talked with each other, and Allan said Betty was pregnant again.

Candy said she didn’t want to break their marriage, but things changed when Allan kissed her. Slowly, they approached an affair. Allan also invited Candy for lunch. We saw Candy also talking with Jackie, and Jackie wished her a happy birthday in the morning. Candy and Allan stated that the affair must be a secret, and they would not be emotionally affected. But later, they started regularly calling each other, sending letters. When Candy knew that Allan loved to write and read poems, she felt even happier. They also made a list of Do’s and Don’ts.

  1. If any of them want to end that affair, then it must be ended.
  2. It must be ended if any of them become emotionally involved.
  3. Taking risks could be a problem, so the affair must end then.
  4. They must always meet out of town.
  5. They shared all expenses equally.
  6. They will meet on weekdays.
  7. Candy will make lunch.

12th December 1978, the first date of their affair. Candy made lunch and went to the Continental Inn on the Central Expressway towards Dallas, waiting in room 214. And there they did the first journey of their affair-relation. Candy enjoyed it.

If they were very sincere about their affair, then what happened at last, and how things became changed?



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