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Love & Death Episode 3: Recap & Ending Explained

“Affair turns into an emotional attachment. How can Candy control herself? As we are doing episode-wise recaps, here is the recap of episode 3. You can also check the Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap of the show.

In October 1979, Candy was listening to music and sometimes completely lost in it. While walking with Allan in the park, Candy said she thinks Betty doesn’t love her. Allan wants to give full attention to his family, and they decided to stop everything between them. It’s clear that only Candy was emotionally attached; Allan wasn’t. Here, she admits that Allan was more like her best friend, and she loved to talk with him.

Candy is unable to stay away from him, so one day she called him again. On the other side, Betty feels pain and discomfort. She had a lump in her right breast. Candy went to meet Betty, hugged her, and Betty felt happy. Allan also reached there, and Candy and he began to talk about the marriage counselor. That moment Betty saw them together, and somehow she felt something.

Later, Candy informed Pat that she wants to go to a marriage counselor. Pat agreed, and Candy wants to rediscover herself, start a new business with Sherry, and make everything right between her and Pat. She informed Ron about their new business of home improvement. Later, she and Pat went for marriage counseling. Started with a little shakiness, but things are getting improved.

One day, Betty called Candy and said she is the new local flame leader. Her duty was hosting other couples who encountered her, and she invited Candy and Pat for dinner on a Saturday. They went for that family dinner.

On one night, Pat found a letter from Allan and Candy. He was so broken from the inside. He met with Sherry to talk and asked about the love letter between Allan and Candy. Sherry informed him that everything between them is over and not going to happen again. And she also said that Candy loved him too much. Sherry informed Candy that Pat knows everything. Candy also noticed deep silence inside Pat.

He was totally broken, wrote a letter, and gave it to Candy with a flower. Things changed for Pat, who always enjoyed and smiled while seeing stand-up comedies; he didn’t smile anymore. But Pat is a nice guy and suggested a second honeymoon with Candy, maybe to make everything fine between them.

On Friday, June 13th, 1980, things were better between Candy and Pat. On the other hand, things were not entirely well between Allan and Betty. She wanted Allan always with her. Allan went on a business trip. Later, one day, Candy went to meet Betty. Betty straightly asked if she and Allan had any affair. Candy said no. But Betty kept the pressure on Candy, and Candy agreed later. Things were messed up. Betty was broken and left her alone.

Episode 3 ended when Betty comes up with an axe in her hand when everything between Candy and Pat was good, and Candy moved on from the affair relation. It looks like Betty somehow knows everything about the affair. Let’s see what happens next in the next episode.”



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