Lorraine Garcia Missing Dead or Alive Netflix: If you are here there is chance that You have Just finished the First story of Netflix original series Missing Dead Or Alive. There are total 4 Episodes in the show and the first 2 episode of the show deals with the story of Missing case of Lorraine Garcia.

Here in the post we are going to tell you about Where Lorraine is  and is she dead or Alive.

Jumping directly to the topic, Yes, Lorraine is Alive and she is living peacefully at some undisclosed location. The Police officers never disclosed her location for her safety as she wants to live along and she was tortured by son in the Past.

When You watch the Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the show, You will get to know that, Lorraine left her home due to the continuous Torture and missbehaviour of her Son. Her Song Anthony used to Misbehave with her and also use to Torture her. To get rid of all these, she left home and now she is living at Undisclosed location.

Vicki Rains and her team Finally managed to traced her with a Phone call that Garcia has made to her bank. Hope it answer all your questions. For more news and updates, stay tuned with us. You can also follow us on social Media handles for quick updates.



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