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Loretta McLaughlin Reporter Now, Husband? How Did She Died? | Boston Strangler | Hulu

Loretta McLaughlin Reporter Real Person: You Have landed here it means, there is a huge chance that you have just finished the Hulu Original film Boston Strangler which is based on the True story, One of the characters from the film and Loretta, here we are going to tell you about the same.

She was a reporter for Boston Record American in the early 1960s, she was the first to break the story of the murder committed by Albert and he also finds the connection between the murders and Albert and wrote a five-part series about this in 1962.

Loretta McLaughlin first married James J. McLaughlin ​and then she filed for divorce, she again Married to James P. Becker Who died in 2002.

Where is she now?

In 1962 she wrote and published a book titled The Pill, John Rock, and The Church: The Biography of a Revolution, she is so fascinated to know the reason behind how someone can kill women without even knowing them, according to reports she served as a publisher till 1993 and take her retirement at the age of 65.

Loretta McLaughlin (born Loretta McDermott)

As of now, McLaughlin passed away on November 23, 2018, when she was 90 years old.



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