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Loch Henry Based On True Story? Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 2

Loch Henry Based On True Story?: Episode 2 of the Netflix original web series, Black Mirror Season 6, shocked audiences with its thrilling and engaging story. One of the most frequently asked questions after the release of Season 6 is, “Is the story of Loch Henry based on a true story?” Here, I am going to clear all your doubts and questions related to Episode 2.

The episode titled ‘Loch Henry‘ is the story of two young aspiring directors who return to their native village to make a documentary about some egg pickers. Later, they change their plan and start making a documentary about Loch Henry, who is claimed to be a serial killer. As the episode progresses, we discover that the real killer is not ‘Loch Henry,’ but someone related to the directors.

Many of you have been asking whether the episode is based on a true story or not. No, the show is not based on a real story or any real events. The story used in the episode is completely fictional.

Episode 2 is being loved the most by viewers. What are your thoughts on this? And which episode from the series did you like the most? Please let us know in the comments.



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