“Loch Henry” Ending Explained: After the super successful 5 seasons, Netflix is back with yet another season of its much-loved show, Black Mirror. The show is now back with Season 6, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

We have already covered Episode 1, which was titled “Joan Is Awful“. Here, I am going to tell you about the recap and end of Episode 2 of the show, titled “Loch Henry“. Please note that there are spoilers ahead.


The episode starts with Davis and Pia driving. Davis is going to meet his mom, and he also brings his girlfriend Pia along. Upon reaching home and while talking, Davis reveals to his mom that he is going to make a documentary about an egg collector, and he will be staying there for two days only. Pia is a bit concerned about her image in front of Davis’s mom. After dinner, they both go to bed.

The next morning, Pia and Davis have to go outside to see more natural locations. Pia is waiting for Davis in the hall and notices lots of DVDs of a show called “Bergerac”. Pia asks about Davis, and he confirms that his mom liked this British show and was a fan of it.

Pia is stunned by the beauty outside and asks Davis why no one visits these places, as they are so good. Davis takes Pia to his friend Stuart, who owns a bar in the city. Here, we also meet Stuart’s alcoholic father. Pia asks Stuart the same question about why no one visits the city, and Stuart explains that it’s all because of ‘Iain Adair’. When Pia asks more about Iain Adair, Davis, and Stuart reveal that Iain Adair was a criminal and responsible for the death of Davis’s father.

Davis further explains that a few years back, a couple went missing here, and after a thorough investigation, it was discovered that Iain Adair killed those couples. During the investigation, many other bodies were found in Iain Adair’s basement. Davis’s dad was in charge of the investigation, and during the process, Iain Adair shot Davis’s dad. Later, Iain kills Davis’s mom, dad, and himself too.

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It was later revealed that Iain had killed more than 8 people, and that’s why no visitors come to the place now. After listening to the story, Pia asks Davis if they can go to that place, and she suggests making a film about it, as it would be loved by the masses. Initially, Davis is not in agreement about making a film on Iain Adair, but later, he agrees with Pia.

Later, when Pia discussed making this film with Stuart, he was so happy to make a film on it, as it would attract more visitors and help his business. Stuart gives a collection of CDs, newspaper clippings, and many more things related to the case. Stuart’s dad was not happy that he gave those CDs and clippings to Davis. After lots of edits and research, they were almost done, and now they were taking an interview with Stuart to add to the documentary.

After the interview, while Pia was editing the clip, Davis’s mom saw this and asked why they were making a documentary on this. Davis said that he wanted to bring justice to his father. Janet was happy that a film was being made and she also agreed to give an interview. Pia, Stuart, and Davis then decided to go to the site where the crime occurred to collect some raw photos. While returning from the site, their car crashed into another car, and Davis was admitted to the hospital.

Pia was discharged and went home with Davis’s mom. She was playing the clips from the videos, and after a few minutes, when she started playing an old CD, she saw a shocking video. Iain was not the killer; the real killers were Davis’s mom and dad, and Iain was just a puppet. Janet and Kenneth (Davis’s parents) were the main killers, and they tortured the couple to death.

Ending Explained

Pia was shocked and terrified after seeing that video. She ran away from the house, and Janet followed her. It was too cold outside, and while hiding from Janet, Pia’s foot slipped into the river, and the water swept her away. On the other hand, Janet wrote a note and gave the CDs and pictures of the couple’s murders before hanging herself. Janet also left a note that said, “For your film, Mum.”

Davis made a documentary on this, and it was a blockbuster hit. It also received an award at the BAFTA. In the last few minutes of the episode, we see Davis looking at a mask, and the episode ends here.

Now coming to one of the most burning Topics, What Happened To Davis in the last few minutes;

First Theory

There is a huge chance that Davis will now be doing what his mother and father used to do. Many of our readers claimed that the way Davis was looking at Mask, it is possible that he may join his parents’ league and start killing innocent people like his parents did.

Second Theory

There is another theory that it is a simple ending and Davis is not in deep shock after looking at what his mother has done. He is also in deep shock after Pia’s death, and now he has nothing to live for; his life is dull and null. Even winning his favorite award means nothing to him.

What happened to Pia? – How Did She Die?

Pia is dead, and she died by drowning in the river. In the last few minutes, we see that Janet is following Pia, and while hiding from her, Pia slips into the river and loses consciousness. Then the river takes her away.

This was all about ‘Loch Henry Ending Explained’ what do you think about the ending and Davis?, Please let us know in the comments. For more news and updates, stay tuned with us.



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