Cari Farver Children – Where Are They Now?: Netflix presents the documentary series ” Love, Stalker, Killer” which is a triangle love story with a tragic ending.

In the series of this horrible real-life incident, we have a triangle love story. In this triangle, Cari Farver is a Crucial Part. She has one son named Max Farver. In this article, we are gonna discuss where he is now & what happened to him.

Cari Farver was 37 years old when she met with Kroupa. She worked as a computer programmer in the same company where Kroupa works. They started to love & date each other. She came to meet him in his apartment. In this time, Golyar saw her in Kroupa’s apartment. Golyar was Kroupa’s first girlfriend from the online dating site. As Golyar is a possessive woman she can’t able to see Cari with Kroupa.

So, she brutally stabbed Golyar & placed her dead body in the car. In this meantime, we get to know that Cari has a 14-year-old son named Maxwell.

Where is Max Farver now?

After his mother died, he was taken care of by his grandmother Nancy Raney. He also chose the same path that his mother chose. He got a Bachelor of Science Degree in Software Engineering & Data Science from Lowa University between 2016 and 2021. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is living now in Lakeville & working in a Financial Technology Company.

He married Sara Wede in 2020. Sara is his childhood friend.

Maxwell Farver living a good life with his Sara Wede in Lakeville. The couple welcomed their first daughter Keira in May 2023.

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That is all about Cari Farver’s child Max Farver. Hope you got an idea about the Max. What is your take on the show on Netflix? Please drop your thoughts in the comments.



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