Lisa In ‘The Ultimatum’ Netflix: Five relationships are going to be a part of this show, a total of 5 couples are coming as contestants meaning 10 Contestants are coming into the show. The Ultimatum Season 2 generated great hype and audiences are curious to know about everyone’s relationship, The concept of the show remains the same as the previous season, this show will run for 8 weeks means we’ll see their Journey of 8 weeks inside the show.

Now Talking About the Contestant Lisa, Her Instagram handles, and some other Crucial details about her;

Lisa is a 32-year-old vice president of clinical services Lisa chose Brian As her partner After a time situation She’s with Brian now Lisa pushes Brian a lot to be the best version of himself. Lisa issued an ultimatum on Brian that he’s not proposing to her If he doesn’t propose to her then she’s ready to move on let’s see what happens next in the show.

Her Instagram I’d Is. @lisahorne_
Tik tok I’d is @jelisahorne



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