The Ultimatum Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix The first season wasn’t able to gain much viewership But the second season is really next level as per the audiences The Ultimatum Season 2 follows the same concept as the Season there are 10 Contestants are part of this reality Dating Television Series we’re telling You about every Contestant of this show.

Now Talking About the Contestant Brian; We are also going to tell you about the Instagram Handle and some other Social Media Handles;

Brian is a 29-year-old Financial Analyst, He’s happy in a relationship with Lisa. He’s 3 years younger than Lisa they both decided to marry Each other now but Lisa is still confused about Brian, Lisa always wanted the best version of Brian that’s why she gave an ultimatum to him It’ll be interesting to see how Brian Wins Lisa’s Trust. Brian was feeling Hesitant during the time of the interview.

His Instagram I’d is @brianxokoye

This was all about ‘Brian’ From the Netflix show ‘The Ultimatum’. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.



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