Linda’ Love Is Blind: Linda is one of the contestants in Love is Blind Season 5 and here you will know everything about her. Everyone who loves their family always wants a Family-oriented guy and in this new season of Love is Blind there are a lot of family-oriented contestants participating in the show.

Linda’s age is just 32, and she works as a talent acquisition recruiter. She comes from a big Nigerian family, so she always cares about her family first. Her family wants her to find a perfect guy for herself, so they encourage her to participate in Netflix’s Love is Blind. Linda wants a Family-oriented, respectful guy as her life partner. She can also say no if the guy only cares about himself.

Linda’s full name is Linda Chiamaka and she lives in Houston like half of Love is Blind contestants. Linda has 2k+ Followers on Instagram, she is also on TikTok and Twitter. You can check out her account by clicking the link below.





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