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‘Mayra’ Love Is Blind : Instagram, Age, All Details | Season 5

‘Mayra’ Love Is Blind : Mayra is one of the contestants in Love is Blind Season 5 who wants to find her soulmate. Will she be successful in finding her soulmate? We will find out soon. In this article, we will talk about everything about her. Mayra is in her mid-20s and her Age is just 25 making her the youngest contestant in Love is Blind Season 5.

There aren’t a lot of young people in Love is Blind Season 5 other than Mayra and another contestant Taylor. Mayra faced a lot of problems in her life, as people say you don’t get to do those things you always wanted to, Mayra wanted to go into business management, but things changed after he lost her best friend in a car accident and in the same year her parents divorced. But one of her mentors helped her, Mayra started working in a church.

She is now a minister in the Southern Baptist Convention. Mayra believes in God, so she wants a guy who loves God as much as her.

Mayra’s full name is Mayra Cardenas and half of the Love is Blind contestants she lives in Houston. She has 22k+ Followers on Instagram and she is also on TikTok, Instagram, and Tiktok link below.




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