Let’s Get Divorced Episode 3: The episode starts with Taishi and Yui discussing whether she is seeing another man in front of his mother. Yui says it’s all just an assumption and he is nothing without her. After this, he suddenly says something that reveals he is seeing Sakurako again.

Taishi goes to his lawyer and tells him about the incident, to which she gets angry because it would complicate the case for her. Taishi is also unable to accept that Yui may be seeing another man. When returning from the meeting with state members, Taishi is surrounded by the media where he says, “Female announcers either undress or go into politics,” which offends everyone, and he is again in the news for harassment.

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Henry appears on TV to discuss the comment made by Taishi. When Yui comes to him, he calls Taishi shitty and convinces her to make a comment on the divorce. He also calculates the alimony amount, which comes to around 10 million yen, which also shocks Taishi after his lawyer made the same calculation, and Inden tells Taishi to accept the amount.

Yui and Henry go to meet the former CEO, who tells them that they can’t get a divorce for the next two years because he made a contract for a new ad for two years. She owes it to the CEO because he was the one who minimized the loss after the affair news came out by making Yui record an apology video, convincing Taishi to hold a special press conference and apologize, getting Sakurako fired from the media house, and giving Yui work himself.

Yui tells Henry about Inden, which shocks him because they were dating each other in college, and their relationship ended on a bad note. The two lawyers meet each other. After meeting Henry, Inden changes her mind about accepting the terms and tells Yui to fight the case. Taishi also seems distracted by Yui and Inden’s beauty. Inden also advises Yui to skip alimony and start a career as an independent woman, after which she reveals that she and Henry dated during their college days.

They also do a live stream for the YUI CHANNEL in which Yui apologizes for Taishi’s comment about female announcers and pledges to be with him and support him. Yui completes the shooting for their show, and after that, in the parking lot, she meets Mr. Saotome, Taishi’s assistant, who tries to convince her to drop the idea of divorce because he won’t win the election if she goes through with it.

The magazine prints the photo of Taishi’s affair, which took place three years ago. Afterward, he talks to Sakurako and tells her that he is going to divorce Yui and they meet in person to have s3x.

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Yui meets Kyoji at a new Pachinko video game center, and they later go to the studio where Kyoji works. She is fascinated by Kyoji’s work and they end up cuddling each other. The next day, Yui is very happy about the gentle and romantic night they had.

Later, she goes to meet Taishi’s mother, who has collected proof of Yui and Kyoji’s affair. They discuss penalty fees, and his livelihood, and ask many questions to Yui, such as whether he is accepted by society or not. They reveal that the photos were taken by Taishi’s assistant and will be made public only if she insists on a divorce.

Suddenly, news comes that the president has decided to dissolve the House of Representatives, and elections are going to happen instantaneously. After that, Yui goes to Kyoji. Taishi will be competing with Go Soda in the election.



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