Let’s Get Divorced Episode 1: Netflix’s original drama show Let’s Get Divorced is now streaming on Netflix. Here we are with the Episode wise Recap of the show and here goes the Recap of Episode 1 of the show.

The episode starts with Yui Kurosawa, a very famous actress shooting for an advertisement for an ad agency. After the shooting, when she tries to discuss divorce with her assistant, he says it is a bad idea because the divorce will result in a high penalty. Yui’s husband, Taishi Shoji, a congressman, is going for a speech to the people of Ehime and also tries to discuss the idea of divorce with his manager. However, the idea seems bad when they consider the losses they will incur.

Taishi is not good at memorizing and ruins the speech when he forgets the pronunciation of important words and the candidate’s name up for election. The media also highlight the mistakes in his speech. Yui and Taishi run YUI CHANNEL together for their fans, where they fake their love because, in reality, they don’t love each other. However, since Yui is a famous actress and Taishi is an elected congressman, they have to show that they have a good life as a couple.

Although Taishi is an elected member, it’s all due to Yui’s support and popularity among the public, as Taishi is not liked by anyone. During the live stream for their channel, most of the comments are in support of Yui only. Taishi also has a bad reputation in the public due to his public affair with a news anchor, Sakurako Mimata. Taishi’s mother is insisting that they have a child and suggests different IVF hospitals, but they are fed up with this because they don’t love each other.

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Yui’s family is a bit strange because her mother has 7 children from 5 different people and she didn’t marry anyone. So she is a single mother of 7 children who struggles with money for their tuition and house rent, which is paid by the Shoji family (Taishi’s family).

Yui is shooting for a new series in which she works with a new actor. They have a kissing scene that is shot in many takes. The actor thinks that Yui will be angry with him, but Yui is fine with the kissing scene because she is angry about her husband’s affair. When she returns home, she finds the house in bad condition and tells her husband that she had a kissing scene that was shot in 13 takes to make him jealous.

Then she yells at him about his affair after discovering that her mother has suggested another IVF clinic. Taishi wonders if the conversation would have included his affair if she hadn’t found out about the mother’s clinic. He offers to have sex because their clinic suggested it, but she turns down the request.

The next day, Yui discusses Taishi with her assistant. When he asks about some good things about her husband, she remembers a day when he got wet in the rain and opened an umbrella for her. However, the assistant says that it was just a show to impress her. Yui goes to the set for shooting and finds that her co-actor is very excited about a scene in which they are naked in a tub. She responds, “I look forward to it.”

Taishi is again memorizing his new speech, which includes the phrase “my wife is a famous actress.” When he suggests removing this line, his assistant says that it is the highlight of the speech. The magazine has printed the same photo of their affair, which happened 3 years ago. They are worried because it always affects his image.

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While returning from shopping, Yui is bumped into by an unknown character who meets her again the next day when he waits for her. He tells her that she brings him good luck in playing video games and suggests she come with him. She has to go to a party for her husband’s support, but she goes with the man. He invites her to dinner, and she goes there too, where he introduces himself as Kyoji Kano.

Taishi waits for her at the party, but she doesn’t come, and he meets Sakurako there. She says she was there to conduct an interview only. When Taishi reaches home, Sakurako asks him to meet in a hotel, to which he agrees. On the other side, Yui is taking a walk with Kyoji. She decides to go home when it starts raining. Taishi tries to make out with Sakurako, who says that she wants to run in the election. However, he is interrupted by his assistant, who tells him that he has been spotted and they are surrounded by the media, offering him a way out.

Yui decides that if it rains the next day, she will try to make up with Taishi. Taishi decides that if it rains the next day, he is going to ask for a divorce. However, the next day is a bright sunny day, and Yui is supposed to be present for Taishi’s support, but she doesn’t show up. When he goes for the speech, she suddenly appears and steals the focus of the crowd.

The crowd is happy, but then it starts raining, dispersing the crowd. When they are sitting in their room, Taishi brings up the topic of divorce, to which she agrees. However, as famous personalities, they have to live stream for their fans. The episode ends with them meeting their own lawyers for the divorce. Yui meets Henry K. Ishihara, and Taishi meets Kaoru Inden.

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