Let’s Get Divorced Episode 4: The episode starts with Yui meeting Kyoji, who tells her to go home because he was working, to which Yui leaves with her number on a paper glass. Everyone is surprised when they come to know about the fact that Go Soda will run against Taishi. They make plans to visit Taishi’s father’s grave to give a good impression to the people of Ehime.

Taishi’s assistant tells him about the history of Go Soda, in which he rises from a bakery owner’s son to a news host to the Parliament House, where he won his first election. Taishi’s dad hated Go Soda, which led to a feud between him and Taishi, and he talked about ending nepotism in the media.

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Yui is confused why Kyoji didn’t meet her properly and waits for him in the video game center. There, she is approached by the CEO of his company, who massages her and asks to meet her to discuss the photos of her affair. She meets with the CEO, Henry, and her assistant. They fear that they won’t get any alimony.

They also ask her to fake the relationship and campaign until the election ends. The date of the election also coincides with Mikochan’s special episode, which initially raised her popularity. Yui’s CEO plans to buy the original photos from Shoji’s family and asks Henry to negotiate the terms.

Saotome tries to give Taishi points for winning the election, but the only thing he can think of is sex with Sakurako, and he ignores everything. Taishi then goes to Yui and discusses her importance in winning the election. His mother is also trying hard to strategize to win the election. Yui is called by Kyoji to meet, where she shares that she was hurt by his actions of ignoring her.

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Go Soda approaches Mimata to join his party and run against Taishi. She calls Taishi to discuss this, but he just makes out with her and goes home to do a live stream on the YUI CHANNEL. Pausing the live stream, she reveals that she is seeing someone.

The next day, Mimata decides to run against Taishi and holds a press conference against the ideology of Taishi’s party. Shoji’s family poses for photos near the grave of Taishi’s father. They also give speeches to the people of Ehime and ask for votes in the new community office. Go Soda interrupts them there and invites them to his office.

Soda and Taishi make speeches in different parts of the district, but the crowd is only attracted to Taishi, and Soda’s event is empty. Soda goes to Risa’s marriage, where Taishi’s mother is giving a speech. There, he captivates the crowd and makes them happy with a speech about his wife.

Taishi’s mother says that Soda has confidence not only because he can make a good speech, but because he has a secret weapon, which will be revealed in the next episodes.



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