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Let’s Get Divorced Episode 2 : Recap, Summary And Ending Explained

Let’s Get Divorced Episode 2: Netflix show Let’s Get Divorced is now getting love from Drama Fans. The show is getting Popular all over the globe and we are covering the Episode wise recap of the show. Here goes the Recap of Episode 2.

We have already covered the Recap of Episode 1 of the show in Full Detail and you can also check that for a better understanding of what happened in Episode 1.

Episode 2 starts with Henry K. discussing how easy the case is, and he is not going to take the short end of the stick. Yui is a bit confused about his looks and thinks he has undergone plastic surgery. When she tells him about the penalty she needs to pay if she loses ad contracts, Henry apologizes for considering the case easy.

Taishi is discussing the matter with his lawyer, but he also seems distracted by her beauty. When she asks whether the affair is the only reason for the divorce, he struggles to put his feelings into words. She tells him that he needs to clearly express everything to fight the divorce. She then asks how they met to understand better.

Let's Get Divorced
Let’s Get Divorced

Taishi tells her about the time when he asked his father to meet the actress while they were watching her show. His assistant took him to the set where they both were flattered by each other’s looks and arranged for a dinner. She also thought they had already met, but he declined. She thought that when they were in middle school together, he sometimes talked with her to make her feel better.

During dinner, Taishi introduces her to the word “Kinkikarai,” which means that diet members of the countryside go to their home district after the national diet on Fridays, attend local meetings on the weekend, and then return for the national diet on Tuesday. After that, he starts telling her how beautiful Ehime is, which reminds her of a boy from school who used to tell stories about Ehime.

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She was not from a respectable family and was looking for love. She thought he was made for her. They were happy together and visited many places. But when they went to Taishi’s family with the marriage proposal, they turned it down, saying she was not from a normal family and it would tarnish their image.

Taishi tried to revolt, but his mother made him quit. Yui decides she is going to leave Taishi but also cries about how she was devoid of love and thought that Taishi would be her soul mate. She loved him so much and how she is different from her mother. To her tears, Taishi’s father changed his mind and agreed to their marriage. After that, she got many advertisement deals but also many responsibilities to be with her husband.

Taishi says he had an affair because it was very difficult for him to see her doing romance on screen, which made him uncomfortable. She just says that it’s part of the job. She also showcases how she can act in crying. This act reminds him of the crying from their meeting with the family. He thought it was also an act to marry the congressman, so he went for an affair. But he couldn’t accept whether the affair was due to lust or revenge.

Yui also showcases her talent for weeping to her lawyer. When Henry asks about her mother-in-law, he thinks it would be difficult for her to talk about it, but she is very comfortable and says she is the only manipulative woman in the family. She also talks about when their affair came to the media, how she told the magazine publishers not to publish the news until the election and told Yui to forget about it like it never happened.

She told her to turn a blind eye and give birth to a child for a stronger marital relationship. Until then, Taishi didn’t know that the magazine had their affair on camera, and when he found out, he apologized to her and asked if it was really him because he didn’t look like himself. They are seen telling all the wrongs of their partners to their lawyers. Henry tells Yui that if she hadn’t cheated on Taishi, she isn’t liable to pay any penalties. They also tell their lawyers that they want to save their image.

When they reach home, they discuss their lawyers. Taishi also says that she is dominant because she made a rule of not peeing standing. He tells how his father’s dying wish was that he should never pee sit and how his father died after making the wish. Yui asks Taishi to tell his mother about the divorce decision. Then they do a live stream on the YUI CHANNEL for their fans. When Yui tells her family about the divorce, they tell her to wait a bit because they were expecting a new member in their family, and after the divorce, all the financial support would be lost. She assures them that she is going to provide all the financial support.

Let's Get Divorced
Let’s Get Divorced

When Taishi reaches home, he is unable to go inside, imagining how angry Yui will be after finding out that he was not able to tell his mother about the decision and went to her mother’s place to sleep, telling Yui that he will be at a hotel for a while.

The next day starts with Yui shooting romantic scenes with her co-actor, and Taishi attending a meeting where the president is faced with allegations from the opposition. After the shoot, Yui goes with Kyoji to play a video game, where he tells her that he just came to know about her acting career and kisses her. She is also happy with this, but he tells her not to worry because he is impotent. After that, she kisses him again in another corner.

The next day, Taishi and Sakurako decide to meet at their dentist’s office to have sex. In the night, when Yui asks Taishi whether he told his mother about their decision, he responds with “soon.” Yui gets angry and goes to his mother to tell her herself. His mother tells her that she wouldn’t allow it because it is bad for their image. She also says that Yui can have sex with anyone, but in public, she should act like a good wife. They can also have a child without having sex using IVF. The mother also makes an allegation that Yui may be seeing another man, which makes Taishi wake up from sleep and seem sad about this fact.



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