The evilest crime that haunted the whole of Britain story is now streaming on Amazon Prime the story is about Ian and his partner Myra who killed 5 innocent between the age of 10-17.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about one such victim, so let’s get started
Lesly was just 10 years old when she got killed by them on 26 December 1964, she was enjoying her time in a playground before he was taken by the couple on Boxing Day.

They take her to their home and tied her up, and then she was forced to pose for photographs, and they also recorded her, the recording also got played in the court during the trial before the judge, in the 16 minutes video the small girl is begging for her life saying “Don’t Undress Me”, and like “I Want To See Mummy”, but the couple killed him the same day and they buried her in moors.

This was all about Lesley Ann Downey, Have you seen the recent original show? Please let us know in the comments. for more reviews, News, and updates related like this, Stay tuned with us.



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