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Lenni in “Sleeping Dog”: Who Plays, Actress Name ? & Character Explanation

Lenni in “Sleeping Dog” Netflix: Lenni is Mike Atlas’s soulmate and his wife. They had an amazing relationship before things started to fall apart. After Mike left the house, Lenni got lonely and had to manage everything alone. She couldn’t find an answer as to why Mike left them, which made her very sad.

In the series, we find out that Luk has been seeing Lenni and helping her, which made her develop feelings towards him. Luk also feels the same way. However, her daughter despises her for this relationship with Luk.

Unable to handle this stress, Lenni starts taking some pills and ends up sleeping with Luk on his boat. Although she regrets it instantly and feels bad for cheating on Mike.

In the end, everything gets sorted, and Mike and Lenni get back together. Luk also realizes that Lenni loves Mike and he was just a distraction, so he doesn’t bother her anymore.

Peri Baumeister plays Mike’s wife, Lenni. She’s a 37-year-old German TV and film actress best known for her role in The Last Kingdom, Skylines, and Blood Red Sky. She does a great job of portraying Lenni’s complex emotions. She is both strong and vulnerable, and she makes the audience feel for her character.



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