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Britney Adebayo in “Sleeping Dog”: Who Plays, Actress name? & Character Explanation

Britney Adebayo in “Sleeping Dog” Netflix: Britney Adebayo is a strong, independent woman working in the department alongside Luk and Socke after Atlas left the squad. During a break-in to save a person, she accidentally bumps into a kid, which makes her feel guilty and caring towards the child.

Her story mostly focuses on the guilt she’s facing for the incident and her attempt to resolve her personal issues by considering adopting the kid. This makes her a relatable character for the young audience who feel lost at a certain age and unable to decide what’s right for them.

She tries to reconnect with an old lover to adopt the child, which makes her realize that maybe that’s not the right thing to do because she’s not really in a condition to support a child, and she needs to focus on herself and let go of her insecurities and doubts.

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In the end, we see her finally coming to terms with her lover and asking for a second chance, and abandoning the idea of adopting a child.

Melodie Wakivuamina is 27 years old and known for her roles in Strings Attached, Über die Grenze, Der Lehrer, and The Pool. Wakivuamina may also be recognized for her role as Young Antigone in Domina.



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