Lauren Bair and Dylan Bair In ‘Couple To Throuple’: The most talked about and loved couple in the show for sure. We are talking about Lauren Bair and Dylan Bair from the newly released and currently streaming Reality TV show ‘Couple To Throuple’. The show in now streaming on Peacock TV and here we are going to tell you more about the Blair Duo.

The show Initially got massive thumbs down from the audiences over the internet due to Its content but now, the show is getting love and support from a wide range of audiences. Some of the most famous couples from the show are Lauren and Dylan Blair. Let’s talk about them.

They both are fitness freaks and they have decent fan followings on their social media handles. Dylan has around 27k followers on Instagram and he is very much active there. He is around 32 Yrs old and he comes from Fountain Hills, Arizona.

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Lauren is 29 Years old and she has around 48k followers on Instagram and she is also a fitness freak. She also hails from Fountain Hills, Arizona. The power duo couple are still together and they are living happily. You have a look at their Instagram Handle and other details.

1. Lauren Bair @fitness1st_ifbbpro 29 Fountain Hills, Arizona
2. Dylan Bair @dylanbair_rd 32 Fountain Hills, Arizona



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