Indian Police Force Episode 1: Much-awaited cop action thriller series ‘Indian Police Force‘ is finally streaming on Amazon Prime Video with 6 episodes. The show is directed by Rohit Shetty, and these characters from the show are said to be the next Supercop of the Cop Universe of Rohit Shetty. Here goes the recap and summary of Episode 1.

The story starts in a market named Ashok Bagh Market where we get to see some youths doing shopping and enjoying the day. All of a sudden, the whole market gets shaken up by a series of bomb blasts. In the next frame, we get introduced to Kabir Malik, who works in the Special Cell of Delhi Police. Kabir gets a phone call from his subordinates, and he rushes to the spot. Kabir calls his senior officer Vikram Bakshi and informs him about the accident.

The story now jumps to India Gate, and here we get to see that a child found a live bomb in the park. He informs a police constable near him, and the constable calls Vikram. Kabir reaches the spot, and there he meets a small boy who claims that he has seen the bomb planter. On the other hand, Kabir gets another call about a bomb in a university named “Indralok University.” Vikram manages to get rid of the bomb at India Gate, but in the meantime, the city shakes again with another blast.

The story now shifts to a media office where we see that the media receives an email from a terrorist organization that they have planted six bombs in the city. In another frame, we get to see that Kabir gets rid of the Indralok Hospital bomb.

The sequence now jumps to Police headquarters where we see that Kabir and Vikram are investigating the case, and they are making the team. Kabir and Vikram detain a guy named Taufiq who tells them that some unknown men have entered Delhi through the UP border a few weeks back. On the other hand, a sketch gets ready with the help of the guy who saw the bomb planter.

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And here, we get introduced to the other characters of the show named Zarar and Nafeesa. Later on, we see that Zarar is the same man from the sketch, and Episode 1 ends here.

This was all about the Episode 1 of the show. The show starts well and now all eyes are on the Upcoming episodes. The BGM of the show looks stunning and i am looking forward to the action scenes.



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