Indian Police Force Episode 2 Recap: The episode starts well for Amazon Prime Video’s newly released cop Universe Thriller and Episode 2 opens with lots of promises. We are going to tell you about the recap and summary of episode 2 of the show. The show stars Sidharth Malhotra, Shilpa Shetty, and Vivek Oberoi in the main lead roles.

Episode 2 is titled One Wrong Call and it starts with a flashback where we get to see Kabir at his home with his wife Rashmi then the scene Jumps to the present and here we gets to Know that Kabir wife is dead due to some illness. The story now Jumps to the Police Headquarters and Investigation room where we get introduced to Tara Shetty.

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Tara is from Gujrat ATS and she is there to solve the case with the team. Tara shares is number from their Intel and here we get to see the sketch of another man who was involved in the Ahmedabad Bombings. In Next frame, we get to see that the name of the boy from another sketch is Shadaab.

Police start the investigation, and there they get to know about a man named Abdul who has bought nails and other hardware items in large quantities. Abdul tells that he bought these items for a man named “Khan Sahab.” The story jumps to Nafeesa and Zarar, and here Zarar tells that his parents died in an accident in his childhood.

Police reached Shadab’s house through that number, but his parents said that he has not been home for the last 2 months. Kabir traces Khan Sahab, and he gets Khan Shab and his grandson Danish. On the other hand, we get to see another man named Sikku, who is a helping hand for Zarar and Khan Sahab. Khan Sahab tells the police that he has no idea about these bombings and he has only given money and some items to Shadab.

In the last few minutes of the show, we get to see that Shadab switches on the phone, and the police get a notification about this, episode 2 ends here.



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