Kokdu Season of Deity Episode 1: The latest Korean romance series is getting a lot of positive reviews from the audience the series’ first episode premiers on MBC TV on 27th Jan, the story is about a reaper named Kokdu who goes to earth once every 99 years to punish the people of the earth.

In this article, I am going to give you a short summary or recap of the first episode of the series so without wasting any time let’s begin the recap.

The story starts with a woman who is talking to a man as she is getting ready for her marriage which is like a funeral to her, she tells her worries to Kokdu who advises her to run away but kokdu was killed by the soldiers, they hit him with an arrow, the girl sees her lover dying in front of her eyes.

Later the girl was taken to Pilasu’s place where she drink with her when he takes her hairpin to stab Pilasu in his neck the general of the army noticed her and rushed towards her but she takes her own life by stabbing that pin into her neck.

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We find out that the story we have been seeing is told by an old woman who is a patient in the hospital to Han Gye Jeol (Im Soo Hyang) who was a physician there the woman shares the story of Kokdu with her, a woman (Jung Young Joo) accused Han Gye Jeol for the murder of his father and slapped her, the director asked her to apologize to that patient due to her financial involvement in the hospital but Han Jeol refused it instead she decided to file a legal complaint against her, then the director of the hospital fires her and also warns her that if she will take legal action against her it would be difficult for her to find a new job.

While returning she almost fell down the stairs but was saved by Kokdu, he also drops a neckless there which she found and it has the same ring as described by the patient earlier she thinks the neckless is her lucky charm and keeps it with her, Gye Jeol also shows the ring to his younger brother who is not believing his story at first.

Gye Jeol goes to interview for her new job there she meets with Kokdu whose name there was Jin-Woo, the judge who has come to take the life of a person similar to him after 99 years. Gye Jeol tells Kokdu that he is fired from her previous job because the patient’s family fired her due to the death of that patient.

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Later Jin Woo called her and he wants to set up a meeting he also tells her that she is hired by him now, Gye Jeol’s brother(Han Cheol) also wants to talk to Kokdu because he thinks there is a relation of him with their mother’s death. Gye Jeol then meets her new director who tells her to work hard but she thinks that this is a way only to earn money because Jin Woo has got her back and he loves her and he also comes to help her when she is getting scolded by the director.

When Gye Jeol is eating at the café Han Cheol showed up and asks her to leave to tell her why Jin Woo hired her but Jin Woo showed up and he tells Han Cheol that he wants to take a drink with Gye Jeol which makes her very happy, when they are sitting together Gye Jeol tells him that she wants to become a doctor because her mother died in a car accident and she couldn’t save her due to lack of medical skills, she also asks Jin Woo that he knows her mother but he denied and she also tries to return the ring to him but he denied that he saved her before, so she wears the ring again.

She wanted to ask him something but he passed out because he drank too much so she tries to wake him up and his wallet also fell from his pocket Gye Jeol sees the photo of his family in his wallet and when he came to conciseness she returned the wallet to him.

Later the director showed up and scolded Gye Jeol that he made Jin Woo drink and he performed surgery in that condition and the patient died the patient’s name was Mi Soon. Later Gye Jeol meets with Jin Woo at a café and when she leaves there she thought that no one likes her and she also wanted to see proof that Jin Woo is adopted which tells her that Mi Soon was his mother.

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In the end, Jin Woo asked Gye Jeol to return the ring and she returned the ring to him in the end, we can see Jin Woo is now not picking up the calls Gye Jeol, she notices that there is snow in summer she hits back her car and goes to say sorry to him and said she was sorry and he passes away in front of her eyes.

This was the summary of episode 1 of the series so if you like Korean romantic drama series or movies you can also consider this series.



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