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The Watchful Eye Episode 1: Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

The Watchful Eye Episode 1: The Watchful Eye is an American horror mystery thriller series that was created by Julie Durk. In this article, I am going to recap Episode 1 and end my explanation with Some spoilers.

For All those who don’t know, The Watchful Eye is now available To Watch On Hulu, The First 2 Episodes are Now Available To Watch and You need to wait for more upcoming episodes.


Episode 1, titled “Hen in the Fox House,” begins with a suicide letter where we see a resident from the Greybourne Apartments named Alice Ward jump from the building balcony. Following that, the scene shifts to six months later, where we see a woman named Elene going to an interview for the job of the nanny, where she will be responsible for Jasper, the son of Matthew and Alice.

The scene shifts, where we see Tory, who is Matthew’s sister-in-law and lives in the same building where Matthew lives, and we find that she is too strict. Following that, we see Tory interrupting the interview and telling Elena that she is not qualified for this position, during which Elena tells her mother, who died when she was young.

Elena then gets a job as a nanny and thanks them for the opportunity. Then, she shifted to Greybourne, where she meets other residents; there, we see her Tory husband, who is drunk, and also her stepdaughter. Later, we see that Elene moves to the second floor, where she learns that this building is haunted and that many people also died in the building.

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Later, we see that Mrs. Ivey knows some truth about Elena, as she demands a price for the matter that she will not disclose and also tells her to do whatever they want and also delivers a message to Ivey. Again, we see that Elene plans to find out the details about the ruby.

Ending Explained: Is the doorman killed at the base?

In the end, while she looking for the cellar, a unique poster appears, showing that the room is completely empty. She fears and flees, only to discover that the doorman has already been killed at the bottom. After that, Scott asks her some questions, and we learn that he is a detective and tries to find the details, and the episode ends.

This is all about episode 1. I hope you like it. Let me know in the comment box how much you like this show.



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