King The Land Episode 2: The first episode ends with the awkward second meeting of Sa-rang and Gu Won. What will happen next? In this article, we are going to recap the second episode of the series. So let’s get started.

Now, the second episode begins where the first one left off. Gu Won recognizes Sa-rang, and when she comes out, he reminds her of how she scolded him years ago. She remembers it but refuses to apologize, although she apologizes for the bathroom incident. Later, the hotel organizes a welcome party for Gu Won, who is joining as a senior manager.

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Sa-rang learns more about him and Soo Mi is disappointed because he initially thought Sang Sik was Gu Woo. He had invited Sang Sik to the inaugural dinner, but now he has to give the bouquet to Gu Woo. He is shocked. After the ceremony, Gu Woo learns that Sa-rang is the star performer of the hotel and asks her why she scolded him that day. This time, she genuinely apologizes to him in front of everyone.

Later that night, Sa-rang is sent as a representative of the staff to the welcome dinner of Gu Woo. She goes there and finds out that it is a VIP area where no common staff is allowed. It is her first time seeing the place, and she really enjoys the dinner. Gu Woo also tells her that he was not the person she scolded in the gym.

However, she is upset with her boyfriend Yoo Nam, and is considering breaking up with him. The same goes for her friend Pyeong Hwa, who is also being bullied by her senior employees. She has to carry a very heavy suitcase for a rude passenger, but her co-worker Ro-woon helps her.

The next day, Sa-rang deals with a customer named Mo Seong Ae, who wants a free room upgrade without paying. Soo Mi decides to handle this matter alone. Mo Seong Ae asks for the upgrade in exchange for a review, but the King Hotel is so successful that they can handle a negative review. Gu Woo arrives and immediately asks Mo Seong Ae to leave, then calls Sa-rang into his cabin. There, he asks her why she kept smiling while she was arguing with Mo Seong Ae. She explains that it’s what is written in the hotel module.

The Ending

Gu Woo notices something different about Sa-rang and asks her to help him with an interview for a promotional show. She has no choice but to say yes. Sa-rang meets Gu Woo at the airport, and it’s clear that he is falling in love with her. When they reach the hotel, Sa-rang has prepared the questions for the interview.

The next day, they go to Jeju Island. Gu Woo is attracted to Sa-rang in her beautiful outfit. They give the interview, but we come to know that the questions have been changed by Hwa-ran. It seems that the questions now involve Gu Woo’s past life. We will see this in the upcoming episode as Won makes his way to the shoot, and the episode ends.



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