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Kesar in ‘Asur 2’ Actor Name, Who Plays | Character Explained

Kesar in ‘Asur 2’: Kesar is portrayed by Gaurav Arora, who has a dark past. In the first season, we were unaware of Kesar’s troubled history. We must appreciate the talent of Gaurav Arora, who excels in expressions, dialogue delivery, and acting.

Kesar Bharadwaj has a past where his wife died in a road accident caused by a drunk driver, who happened to be the son of a minister. Kesar’s real name is Mukund. In the past, he was beaten severely by three police officers. Shubh comes to know about this and detonates a gas blast in the officers’ cottage.

Kesar questions Shubh about his actions, to which Shubh replies that he is giving Kesar an extra life and will take it back when he needs to. Kesar was a motivational speaker in the first season, and his teachings on morality and practicality were impactful.

DJ used to listen to his podcasts. However, in the fifth episode, DJ kills Kesar by shooting him.


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