Naina In Asur 2: Naina is played by actress Anupriya Goenka in “Asur 2.” She is a talented actress who has also appeared in the web series “Aashram” and is known for her role in “Tiger Zinda Hai.”

She portrays the character of Naina Nair, the wife of Nikhil Nair. After the death of their daughter Rhea, both Nikhil and Naina are devastated and fall into depression. It is Nusrat who saves Nikhil during that difficult time.

Naina is a software engineer who was helping the CBI in the first season. When she learns about the location of Swati, who killed her daughter by poisoning her, she goes to DJ for help.

However, DJ claims to be unable to assist due to suspension. After seeing the news about Shubh on TV, DJ decides to return and help Naina. Together, they find Swati, and DJ kills her as she refuses to reveal anything about Shubh. DJ and Naina form a special investigative team that includes Samarth Ahuja.

Naina also solves programming riddles with the help of Braille codes. CBI is unaware that DJ and Naina are unofficially working on the case.



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